Sunday, 25 May 2014

Good Vibrations

The prompt from the Beach Boys classic, suggesting something relating to California, San Francisco, etc.  I thought vibrations and came up with the San Andreas fault, hence a rather gloomy but still optimistic one hundred words.  Is a story? Is it a poem? You decide.

Good Vibrations

Can you remember 1989? The pain, the suffering, so much destruction.
1906 catastrophe so long ago, destroyed so much of the city.
The next one could be much, much worse.
Lives torn apart, buildings destroyed, properties damaged, transport and communication disruption.
San Andeas fault, tectonic plates, Richter scale, friction leading to earthquake!
West Coast paradise, 1967 the summer of love.
Cars on the Golden Gate bridge, street cars up and down Fisherman’s Wharf.
No more hippies, no more flowers in their hair, no more 49ers.
Geologists, Seismologists, Engineers, Scientists are looking for an answer.

No more earthquakes, only Good Vibrations.

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