Monday, 19 May 2014


Today's prompt 'write a story from multiple perspectives.  Taking Julie's advice 'This doesn't have to be a long story. You can do this in a series of verbal exchanges' I've come up with a very short story, with many participants.   


Bing bong.
‘This is the last call for boarding flight BA217 to New York JFK, at gate 37.’
‘Have you got the tickets, Marvin?’
‘I thought you gave them to Celia.’
‘I’ve not got them, Marie.  I’m sure I saw you give them to James.’
‘Where’s James?’
‘He was with us when we were in Starbucks,’ remembered Jane.
‘Oh my god, where is he now?
‘I think I saw him looking at the magazines over there a few minutes ago,’ said Trevor.
‘I saw him going into the toilets a minute ago,’ Josephine recalled.
‘Marvin, go and get him out of the toilet.’
‘Here comes James now.’
‘James have you got the tickets?  The gate will be closing in a minute.’
‘I gave them to Stephanie.’
Bing bong.
‘Gate 37, flight BA217 for New York JFK, has now closed.’


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