Thursday, 22 May 2014

Early days of Spring

A very short piece of nonsense (flash fiction) that utilises all the requisite words from today's prompt in less than 200 words.

Early days of Spring

The days were getting longer now, the snow receding up the rugged mountain slopes, but still a chill of winter in the air.  Green shoots springing up in the garden, tight buds exploding in the trees.  Tania my little sister playing with her monster puppet that she got from Father Christmas.  A Kermit coloured pterodactyl with bulging red eyes; how she loved that puppet.  Mother was scouring the store cupboard for fresh produce, virtually all our autumn vegetables had gone.  The only basket of carrots that was left smelt like a compost heap, so much for a warming stew!   
‘What can we have for supper?’ she pleaded.
‘How about a salad,’ I suggested.
‘Where am I going to get a fresh lettuce from at this time of year?’
‘I’m sure I saw some in old Mr Bumbles general store last week,’ I recalled.
‘If you want a salad to happen tonight, I suggest you get your boots on and trek into town.’
Two miles into town and no bus service silenced me.
‘Well,’ she said.
‘Not today I guess.’

‘In that case I’ll have to subject you to another of my special Spanish omelettes!’

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